1. What is a ‘cookie’?

The term of cookies is to be taken in the broad sense and cover all the tokens that are attached to a user or a program during the consultation of a website, reading of emails, installation or use of software and mobile application.

During the course of any visit to a website, the pages you see, along with a cookie, are downloaded to your device. Thus, cookies enable website publishers to do useful things like find out whether the device (and probably its user) has visited the website before. This is done on the next visit by checking and finding the cookie that was left there on the last visit.


2. How does GETLINK use cookies?

None of the cookies used on the GETLINK recruitment portal, hereafter referred to as the 'Portal', are used for tracking purposes. The Portal installs the following cookies only, all of which are used for purely technical purposes:

Mandatory cookies:

These are two Session ID Cookies collected only while the browser is open, specifically:

  • RMK12: the purpose of which is to accept or reject cookies;
  • JSESSION ID: the purpose of which is to keep the applicant profile logged in throughout the user’s session.

These cookies are essential for our website to function correctly and cannot be disabled from our systems. They make the website usable by enabling basic functions such as browsing pages or selecting the language. The website cannot function correctly without these cookies.

These cookies are collected by the Portal's host, i.e. Job2Web SAP on behalf of GETLINK.

Statistical cookies: We do not use this type of cookie on the Portal.

Third party cookies: We do not use this type of cookie on the Portal.

Advertising or marketing cookies: We do not use these cookies on the Portal.


3. How long does GETLINK store cookies?

The cookies are stored only for as long as the browser is connected. The cookies disappear when the browser is closed.


4. How does GETLINK manage cookies?

If you would like to restrict or block cookies originating from the Portal or other websites, you can do so through the settings of your internet browser.


5. Contacts

For further information, please contact us using the details below: